the girl behind the writing

But someday I will wake in a body that won't break on ground that doesn't shake, not here. And someday I will live in a house that's built by hands that hold the world. (title from lyrics by alli rogers. song name: tanzania)

Born May 21st. California girl at birth, New Jersey girl as a toddler, and Texas girl for all of childhood and the teenage years. Lover of everything Michigan.
With my parents and brother on our way to Mackinac Island, MI.
Relaxing on the deck at my grandparent's home in Suttons Bay, MI.

High School Class of 2003. Freshman year at Stephen F. Austin University. Followed by a semester off and time spent in London, Greece, and Paris with my Nana. Went back to college as a Sooner in Norman, OK.

In Paris, France.
Traveled to China the summer before my senior year of college and taught English. This changed my life -- both in good ways and in bad. Would never change or give this experience up for anything.
In our classroom in China.
Sight seeing on The Great Wall.

China changed my life.

Met my husband in 2007. Graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008. Began work as a social worker in 2008. Married said husband a short 10 months later. Bought a house in 2009 and two dogs quickly followed.

Justin and I at my college graduation.
A family of four. Justin, Rascal, me and Brandy.

27. Married for 4+ years. Living in a new home. Working as a social worker and for a non-profit. Writing (and being a writer) always. Seeking God's will for our lives. Steadily (and sometimes not so steadily) losing 100+ pounds. And never giving up - no matter what.

I love Jesus. I'm a sinner saved by grace. And He's the only reason I'm able to write and share my life. I talk about Him a lot. Really He's at the center of all my posts. I may not always mention Him, but He's the one who is constantly teaching me and helping me to let go.

I really like the color pink. I also like shopping - too much. I'm feeling more and more compelled to a more minimal style of life. This means I need to go through my entire house and get rid of the excess. It's a little scary. I also enjoy reading, writing, spending time with friends, evenings spent with my husband and DVR, laughing with friends, authentic community, and pretending like I can cook. I used to want to be a runner but I know I ever will be a runner. And that's okay. Why? Because I'm not going to let fitness (or the lack of) define who I am.

Simply put? 
Leslie. 27. Married. Jesus lover. Merciful. Obese but working on it. Writer. Blessed. And ever changing.

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  1. Hi, Leslie,

    I clicked over to your blog from Jasmine's blog. Just wanted to encourage you to hang in there with your writing dreams. Some dreams take longer to realize, but perseverance is often key to succeeding.

    All the best,

    P.S. My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary at the lovely Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Magnificent!

  2. Howdy! It's Laura from Howdy Girl, and I was just reading your profile! You went to SFA for a year? I go to Sam Houston State.
    Great to see another Texas girl!

  3. And I live in MI at the moment! I went to Mackinac many years ago, but I personally find the Island next door to it, Bois Blanc, highly superior. But I'm just prejudiced.

  4. SO nice to meet you! you have a precious heart and such an encouraging outlook on life. Looking forward to following you.

  5. Excited to have found your sweet blogger and to meet another Jesus Lover in bloggyland! :) Excited to be your newest follower!
    :) Rebecca

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