this weekend...

Our actual anniversary was on Tuesday night, and we spent time eating pizza and then with our community group. On Friday night, my husband made reservations at a Japanese Steakhouse, and we dressed up to celebrate our anniversary.

I found myself confused on what to eat. Steak and lobster? Just steak? Just sushi? I decided on a combination of steak and sushi, and so I started with a Lady Love Roll. I also drank a large Sapproro.

With the sushi gone, we settled in to watch the chef prepare our main courses. We also moved away from the table to protect our eyebrows from being singed.

And then we ate (and ate and ate) freshly cooked steak and shrimp. There was also delicious fried rice to be enjoyed. We finished the night with a piece of anniversary cake on the house.
At the end of Friday night, we settled in to watch "Felicity" on Netflix Instant. WeI continued to watch the show on Saturday as I set about sweeping and dusting the house. There was a break for errands to be run, and then I came back home for more "Felicity" and more cleaning.
As I started the final episode for the day, the rest of my family decided to take a nap. With them sound asleep, I left the house for my final errands.
With the house clean and flowers on the table, we were ready for friends to come over for a night of dinner and laughter.

Within thirty minutes of their arrival, dinner was served. We feasted on garlic bread, caesar salad, and spaghetti with meatballs. We also consumed a few glasses of wine and a bottle or two of beer.
With full stomachs, we left the dinner table and then moved onto the game portion of the night. There was Playstation Move to be played before we all agreed on playing the never-opened game of Loaded Questions.

It was a much-needed night with two friends Justin went to college with. Two friends who started dating at the exact same time Justin and I started dating. He was with Justin when Justin purchased my engagement ring.

The questions in the game were a mixture of ones that made us laugh and ones that made us think. My favorite question was "what would you name a song written about your true love?" Justin responded: She Be Makin' No Sense. Mine was: Overanalytical Believer.

Dessert was homemade organic brownies and either vanilla ice cream or mint chocolate chip ice cream. I chose vanilla and also had another glass of wine.
We spent Sunday in a similar fashion to last week. It started with sleeping in until 8am and then there was worship and a great sermon. We followed it up with lunch with my in-laws before I came home and claimed the couch and television for more "Felicity." We also cuddled with our dogs and watched them wrestle on the floor.
For dinner, we joined my mother-in-law and father-in-law for onion burgers at a new local restaurant. It was a nice change of pace and also nice to not cook after doing enough dishes to last me at least a week.

I plan to rest for the remainder of the night. There is laundry to put away, but the rest of the house is clean. Monday will come quicker than any of us would like, but I am extremely excited for the week. I feel like God has huge plans in store; I just need to get out of the way and let Him do His thing.
Sunday Snapshot

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