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About two weeks ago, I decided to start reading again. I haven't made time for the written word in far too long, so I committed to it once more. I'm on my fourth (or fifth? - I've lost track) book in the past two weeks now. Reading has awakaned my heart and spirit. It's made me excited to write more - both on my blog and with my current work in progress (WIP).

I'm still figuring out time. How this all works when I'm working, working, working. But God is good, and I know He will lead me towards where He wants me to be.

Thank you, Laurie, for tagging me and reminding me just how important reading and writing is to my soul. It was your tag that helped me remember and rediscover words.

1. What is the title of your book/WIP?
I think it's going to be Second Chances. I've also considered This Time Around. It could change, though, depending on how the story plays out.. I may use whichever title I don't choose for this WIP and apply it to the second book as I think I want this story to be a series.

2. Where did the idea for the WIP come from?
I've worked in the realm of foster care and child welfare for over four years now. I started as a social worker, changed to a foster care specialist, and am now working as a social worker in a group home setting (part-time). Working with those kids is my heart, and I want to bring more awareness to foster care. That's how I decided to approach the subject of foster care. The rest of the story? I'm not sure exactly how I got the idea... God breathed I suppose!

3. What genre would your WIP fall under?
I hate genre's to be honest because I don't know if anything I write fits into one true genre. I think the WIP will be one women enjoy more. So maybe chick lit? I've been reading quite a bit of Karen Kingsbury lately and so I want the story to be inspirational -- just not sure I want to commit to it being a piece of Christian fiction.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Shayla Johnson would be played by Sophia Bush. Sampson Douglas would be played by Justin Timberlake. Abigail Thomas would be played by Amy Adams (but with frizzier hair). Emily Johnson would be played by Jennifer Lawrence. Noah Douglas would be played by Jackson Brundage.

5. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your WIP?
Shay spent 17 years of her life being shuffled from foster home to foster home before escaping six months prior to turning 18. Years later, she finds herself back in the town she ran from, opening her home to a 15-year-old girl whose life mirrors her own.

6. Is your WIP published or represented?
I wish! It will be one day; I truly believe that.

7. How long did it take you to write?
I'm still working on it, so it's not yet written. I've been considering it for about seven months and started working on it back in January. I am ready to tackle it full force though I am a bit (read: A LOT) nervous.

8. What other WIPs within your genre would you compare it to?
I'm not sure. The only story close to what I'm working on (that I know of) is Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury.

9. Which authors inspired you to write this WIP?
Karen Kingsbury. Jennifer Weiner. Megan Crane. Caprice Crane. Liza Palmer.

10. Tell us anything else that might pique our interest in your WIP.
The WIP is not as straight forward as the summary shows. There are a lot of twists and turns that I can't (and won't!) put into the summary as I don't want to give anything away. It's a WIP I am loving and constantly thinking about. I feel like I know these characters better than any others I've ever written.

What about you? Do you have a WIP? If so, please tell me about it!

(title from "little lion man" by mumford & sons)

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