The 7 Challenge - Day Eight {Food}

I want to move. I don't want to sell our house and hunt for a new one. I simply want to move.

I'm ready to pack a small suitcase (two max) and move. Leave every single belonging here and just go.

I'm trapped by the amount of things we've accumulated. I'm trapped, more specifically, by the amount of things I've accumulated. All these tee-shirts I can't seem to part with. Bookcases filled to the brim with books (all stacked in numerous ways just so they'll fit). Shoes that I really shouldn't (or don't) wear but hold onto because they're cute and because I might just wear them in the next few months years.

My house is a wreck right now. And not because we don't clean it. Because we do. But because there's too much here. The pantry is a mess. Our bedroom is always in a state of disarray. And our closet? Don't even get me started.

I'm only on the food portion of 7. And yet I find myself looking at my life and seeing, even more clearly, the need and desire to trim back in every other area of my life.

These things do not matter. I have more Keurig K-Cups than two adults need. I have countless DVDs and Blu-Ray movies I have not watched since purchasing. And my bank account? We've have 39 separate transactions since the month started. That's entirely too many for only two people especially when we are in the midst of mutinying against excess.

This isn't the first time I've felt this sudden urge to flee and take next to nothing with me. I've felt it (and ignored it's existence) many a time before. The thing is, though, I can not keep ignoring this urge. Because when I ignore it, I eventually purchase more things I do not need.

Justin and I were blessed with the home we live in. We picked out the floor plan with the sole purpose of caring for children. We've decorated bedrooms for the same reasons. But right now, those bedrooms are empty, and we're left wondering what our next steps will be.

At some point, we have to stop wondering and we simply have to start doing. It's the same thing with letting go of items. At some point, I have to simply do it.

I've invested so much time and energy into accumulating things. I have an armoire bursting with tee shirts and shorts. My husbands dresser drawers are also overflowing with tee shirts and shorts. This all after we've gone through our things and given multiple bags of clothes away. But instead of living with less, we go out and consume more.

So I could leave. I could pack a bag or two and leave the rest of it behind. But I would just go out and spend more money, buy more things. It's better for me to go through every room of our house and bid adieu to the items. It's better for me to stay and to not consume - as hard as it will be.

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