blaming the machine

I bought a new domain today. My blog is now officially at http://bodywontbreak.com. It should be a joyous occassion, and is in many ways, but I somehow deleted all of the previous comments through IntenseDebate. And while trying to fix it, I somehow deleted my original IntenseDebate account. So the site? It's going through growing pains. I'm going through growing (well, really, shrinking) pains too. If you know more than I do about HTML, I would love your help. I need your help. And if you don't know much about HTML, please be patient. I will do my best to fix the mistakes I've made. And also know I read every single comment ever left (and still have them saved in my email so I might copy and paste them all into their respective posts) and appreciated all the words.

For now, it's time to sleep. And then another early morning work out at the gym. I hope to be back tomorrow with real words to share and lots of thoughts on how I feel at the present moment in this journey. Trust me when I say it is almost 100% good. And trust me when I say I feel like I am unstuck. Though I am hesitant to say of it too loudly for fear I might jinx myself.

(title from "tightrope" by janelle monae)

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