counting my blessings (#111-130)

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111. Nightly devotionals with my husband.
112. Finding comfort in watching television together.
113. Large glasses of wine.
114. Sleeping in instead of working out.
115. Aching muscles.
116. Making time to cook healthy meals.
117. Not giving up.
118. Slipping into a skirt that has been too small for too long.
119. Dreaming of a new wardrobe.
120. The voice of reason reminding me that this too shall pass.
121. "You are almost there."
123. Cleaning out the closet.
124. Sweeping and vaccuming under the bed.
125. A husband who prays for me and over me.
126. Seeing a movie with just the girls.
127. Going to a restaurant and reading a book over lunch.
128. Removing bad carbohydrates and sugars from my life (no matter how hard it is).
129. Bright yellow sunglasses.
130. The end of summer and 100 degree days.

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