lovely lines (week 4)

"Our culture tells us that in order to get higher we need to push others down, but God’s word says the opposite." via The Influence Blog

"I value the practice of celebrating small gifts – but that practice doesn’t look the same from day to day or season to season." via Chatting at the Sky

"God wants someone to appreciate your husband, and to urge him on in faith and in love. And that someone, that He has especially prepared for the task, is you." via To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

"I have perhaps lost my way a bit, as I have been too concerned with patterning my blog design, content, networking, etc. after what the majority of other bloggers are doing. While getting advice from mentors or seasons folks in your area is certainly important, straying from who you are as a person (or in my case, as a blogger) is NOT authentic." via Waiting With Joy

"I realized then something I’ve known about love but hadn’t yet been able to define: True love is often so fierce and so thick that the feelings don’t have space to surface." via Chatting at the Sky

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