where have i been?

I've been such a bad blogger. I want to be better. I really do. And I have so much to share. It's just that things like fighting with the IRS over taxes and trying to get the ball rolling on our approval for foster care and adoption and also going to physical therapy have gotten in the way.

Also? My life is boring. My weight loss is stagnant. And I am wrestling with a whole lot when it comes to life and God's plan for my life.

I promise I'm working on it. This getting back into blogging. Because I miss it and I want to share. It's just taking me a little while.


  1. i understand lol :) I'm glad I found you, feel like we have a lot in common. Sometimes life gets in the way for sure, you'll be back! Romans 8:28

  2. Life definitely gets in the way of my blogging sometimes too! Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! My fiance is a PT, I know therapy can be hard. I hope that is going well for you! I'm a new follower, and have been reading along your older posts. Can't wait until you're back to sharing :)




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