mountains high or valley low

I discover She Reads Truth a few months back. Without that reading plan, I would be lost on what to read. I get so overwhelmed when I sit down to read my Bible. So many of the books and verses seem over my head. And I never know where to start or what I need to read.

The current reading plan is about prayer. I never really thought prayer was something I struggled with, but it is. I've realized that over the past few weeks as I've faced a lot of uncertainty and also found myself questioning a lot of the future I had planned out for myself.
I struggle with praying about my hopes and my dreams. I might mention them once, but I'm not good at going to God continuously with them. The current reading plan mentions praying and provides guidance on how to pray, so I've been doing that this week. Rather than praying out loud or quietly in my head, I've started to type out the prayers and save them on my computer. I want to be able to go back and read back over them in the months to come and see how God moved and changed my life.

A lot of the prayers are extremely personal. And I'm learning how important it is to keep some things between God and me until I'm ready to share. And then I generally only share with close friends and my husband. I want to see Him move and then share His movements as part of my testimony.

But prayer is communal. We are all called to pray for one another. We are called to speak our needs to each other and be vulnerable with the people we can trust - the people we are in community with. This means stating our true prayers and not just always falling back on saying we have unsaid prayer requests.
These are some of the prayers right now. The ones I feel it's okay to share. Lift them up for me, and let me know in the comments what I can pray about for you. God moves more in prayer than in anything else.

(title from "love came down" by kari jobe)

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