counting my blessings (#131-150)

picture found here.

131. Game nights with friends.
132. How I Met Your Mother.
133. Black glittery nail polish.
134. The hope of a new year.
135. Any combination of black and grey.
136. Headbands.
137. Having courage - even when it seems impossible to do so.
138. Anticipating feedback on the beginning pages of a novel.
139. Tylenol cold medicine.
140. Having people to go the distance with.
141. Trusting in God's perfect timing - even when it's hard.
142. Grocery lists.
143. Remembering that there are always endless possibilities.
144. Gingerbread latte creamer.
145. An upcoming trip back to Texas.
146. Therapeutic emails.
147. Making presents for others.
148. Seeing possibilities in the things that seem like failures.
149. The promise of Joel 2: 25-27.
150. Tony Lucca's music.

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