life makes love look hard

celebrating my birthday at Blu.
I have started at least four separate blog posts this week. I make it halfway through the post, sometimes even three-quarters of the way through the post, and then I stop. Something about the words just did not sit right with me.

I want to tell you about my birthday. And about the car we purchased. Also about how I have worked out at least three times (usually four or five and sometimes even six times) every week for the past month. And about writing and the critiques I received at a meeting that reminded me I can do better. Or about the little, quiet moments in life that stick with me and bounce around my head for weeks.

But the words simply won't come.

I could blame it on my computer having been in the shop for several days. Or on my sore muscles that demand nothing but rest when I return home. I could even blame it on work and how busy it has been. But those are nothing but excuses.

And when it comes to writing, to blogging and sharing my life, it is a choice. As quoted here, "Success follows trying. Failure also follows trying. Nothing, however, follows nothing. So try!" Obviously, I have done nothing. Because the words have been stopped and packed up and placed into the back of a drawer while I come up with excuses for why I have not sat down and taken the time to gather and share my thoughts. Also, as quoted here, "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."

I have a post to write for Imperfect People that is due by tonight. A piece of my testimony. When I signed up for the guest post, I had plenty of ideas of what to write about. And now I feel less than adequate. But I know the words will come. Because it is something I want to do, so I will find a way.

I look forward to writing again soon. To sharing my triumphs (like losing almost a whole 10 pounds so far) and to sharing my stumbles (like eating an Egg McMuffin for breakfast). To talking about writing.  To writing about meeting up with a fellow Okie and blogger this weekend. To discussing a trip west to see my husband's family and sharing how my heart sometimes longs for a simpler life in the country. And to sharing other things too - like how I am continuing to count my blessings.

(title from "ours" by taylor swift)

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