counting my blessings (#51-60)

picture found here.
51. Christ is risen from the dead. We are one with Him again. Come awake, come awake. Come and rise up from the grave. Matt Maher - Christ Has Risen
52. Family road trips.
53. Rain.
54. Movie date nights at home.
55. Early bed times.
56. Water with lemon.
57. Hugs from Brandy.
58. Playing with toddlers.
59. Celebrating Easter with friends and family.
60. A Savior who loves me and died for my sins (and for everyone who believes in Him.)


  1. i love rain, but i'm pretty sure i forgot what it looks like. austin hasn't seen rain in quite some time.

  2. Before this weekend, I forgot too. We were in a terrible drought for months - complete with far too many wildfires. So it has been a nice and welcome change.



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