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As I journey towards losing 100 pounds, my mind races. Thoughts of others things I want pop into my head. Some are tangible. Some are not. Regardless of how tangible they are, this things are still things I want to strive for.

I think one of the easiest ways to lose sight of why it is so important to work hard in life and in health is to not have a list of written goals. It is my hope to do everything I can to prevent myself of losing sight of working hard.

Some of my goals pertain to weight loss. Others pertain to writing. And some are just goals of things I want for my life.

This is a list I plan to update as I go along. Both in sharing my successes and adding any new goals I make.

1. Lose 100 pounds.
2. Shop for a whole new wardrobe.
3. Take a trip to the beach.
4. Visit family in Texas and in Michigan.
5. Finish my novel.
6. Start my next novel.
7. Write at least one short story a month.
8. Fix the three-quarter bathroom in our house.
9. Learn how to coupon.
10. Have the electrical wiring fully updated in our house and install insullation in the attic.
11. Have the foundation in our house fixed.
12. Plant grass sod in our backyard.
13. Buy a new MacBook or MacBook Pro without using a credit card.
14. Pay off out debt consoladtion loan.
15. Pay off our car.
16. Work out at least five times every week for three months straight.
17. Learn how to run.
18. Run a half-marathon (knees permitting).
19. Learn how to create recipes.
20. Send my novel to a publisher/agent.
21. Become a published author.
22. Keep off all the weight I lose.
23. Get a new haircut and dye my hair blonde (again...possibly) once I lose the weight.
24. Journal my food every day for three months straight.
25. Read my Bible daily.
26. Grow closer to God.
27. Visit my family in California.
28. Meet Justin Timberlake. (Like I said... not all of the goals are tangible)
29. Go back to school and get my Masters (in social work, writing, or law...or something else).
30. Or go back to school and become a nurse.
31. Reveal my starting weight and ending weight (once I have lost 100 pounds).
32. Learn how to ride a bicycle.
33. Read every book on my bookshelf before purchasing any new books.
34. Not eat out, while at work, for at least a month.
35. Cook at home at least five nights a week.
36. Volunteer.
37. Get to the gym by 6am instead of right at 6:30am.
38. Travel to New York City with my husband.
39. Go to Europe again.
40. Train my dogs.

What are some of your goals?

(title from "breathe (2AM)" by anna nalick)


  1. Lol. Why do you want to meet JT?

    My goals include write books for a living, reach 100,000 online readership, have 3-4 children (adopt 1-2 of them), and just plain be happy!

    Great post!

  2. Yes, JT is random. I'd love to meet Michael C Hall. Could that my be my goal?

    My goal is to ge tthrougn Nursing School. Plain and simple.



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