counting my blessings (#81-100)

picture found here.
81. Caesar salad with shrimp.
82. Over 15 pounds lost in two months.
83. Getting my hair cut and colored.
84. Watching "The Bachelorette" with my husband.
85. Catching up with a friend over thai food and then at a blues' bar.
86. Intensifying my workout.
87. Prayer when all else seems lost.
88. A good night's sleep.
89. Being sunkissed.
90. Hearing just the right song at just the right time.
91. Homemade ice cream.
92. Falling asleep with the fan on.
93. Kisses from the dogs.
94. Double date nights with friends.
95. Perfectly ripe peaches.
96. Raspberries.
97. Blooming hydrangeas.
98. Teaching swim lessons.
99. Singing along while working out.
100. Familiar faces.


  1. Hi, I posted right before you at Ann's blog. I can identify with #90, hearing the right song at the right time, and I love #91-- haven't eaten it in ages, but so yummy! Congrats on #82-- and keep it up!! :) A lovely list, and blessings to you.

  2. Beautiful Leslie. It is extremely difficult to lose 15 lbs. so well done! Obviously you're filling your mind and heart with other things. Awesome.

  3. sounds like you've got some wonderful things going on!! Congrats on your 15 lbs. And amen to falling asleep with the fan on!

  4. Oooh! Homemade ice cream sounds delish! And I sure could use some of 88:) great list and thanks for sharing it!

  5. 82: Woop woop!
    83: There is something so magical about that. It's alwasy a great pick-me-up. Haha!



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