we are stitched together

In thirteen days, I will celebrate two years of marriage with my husband. Compared to marriages that last thirty, forty, fifty, even sixty years, two years seems almost laughable, but for us, it has been such a journey that I am excited to say we are still together.

Two years ago, I was preparing both for the wedding (which I planned in less than four months while working as a social worker) and to have my gallbladder removed. My surgery occurred eight days before I walked down the aisle, and I took only a day and a half off work. It's not something I recommend.

He and I had known one another for less than a year before we exchanged vows. We jumped head first and feet first into a life together, and we're still trying to sort out our limbs.

I am thankful for the way he makes me laugh, the way he makes me roll my eyes, for how much he annoys me, and also for how much he moves me. He's the exact opposite from me in too many ways to count, but his heart matches mine in all of the ways that do count.

God knew what He was doing when we met at Barnes and Noble for our first blind date; I'm just thankful I haven't yet screwed it up.

picture from riggs photography

(title from "god gave me you" by dave barnes)

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