everything that was taken can be restored

I'm rediscovering a love for my house. This happens periodically. At times, I hate it. I hate the sloping floors, the tilting ceiling, the worries that go along with the knowledge that our foundation needs to be fixed. I hate how dusty it gets, how often I have to sweep, how dirty the baseboards always are, and it goes on.

But I also love the wood floors. I love how many windows are in the house. I love how open it is. I love that even with all it's negatives it feels like home. I've prayed about our house situation time and time again. I've asked for a miracle. I've begged for the money to fix the house. I fully believe money can miraculously appear in our bank account, and I fully believe God could miraculously strengthen the foundation. But it doesn't truly matter if He does or does not because I know that He could.

We know we will likely need to take out a large loan to fix the house. We're scared of doing this, but we know it is necessary. We hope that the loan will be large enough to cover our current credit card debt so that in five years we can be debt free (other than the house). Just last night, after celebrating our anniversay with dinner out and dessert at home, we discussed how with this new job we will need to keep one another accountable with not eating out, with not going out so that we can afford to fix the home and become debt free.

So often, my husband and I go out because we are tired of being in our house with no one else to talk to. We long for community, to have friends over and play board games. We desperately want to have potluck dinners at our house. But we've been weary of doing those things because of our house. At least, that is my excuse.

I don't take as much pride in the house as I should. Even with all it's issues, our home is still a blessing. It provides a roof over our heads, shields us somewhat from the cold and fully from the rain. It is a place we can lay our heads down and feel safe. It's where we started our family of four. It is our home even with all the problems and annoyances.

I want to take pride in our home. I truly do. I want to stop comparing it to the homes of our other friends and wishing we had waited or thought harder about the purchase. I believe this is where God wants us, but I also believe He did His best to warn us previously that this house would not be the easiest to own.

Our closing barely happened. We were set to move out of our apartment and were not quite sure where we would be moving to. At the time, I chocked this up to the real estate industry. I do remember wondering if it was a sign that this was not meant to be and thought about backing out, but then everything came together and we were homeowners. I think it was God's way of preparing us for the hardships that would follow but also showing us that things will work out in the end.

I've talked before about how similar the house and the work it requires is to humans and the work we require. The similarities still surprise me. God is a carpenter, a true craftsman, but we are not always the best subjects.

I am determined, though, to take His blessings and enjoy them. I am determined to be content in our house. I am determined to dust, sweep, vaccum, and fluff pillows at least once a week. I am determined to invite people over and not be embarassed. I am determined to love the house even when it does not love me (which it often does not).

It is easy to wallow in our circumstances, and sometimes I do. Sometimes I struggle with seeing any sort of shining light, but recentl, God has been constant in meeting me where I am. He has shown up every single time and reminded me that He has everything under control and that even though I might feel alone I am not.

I wouldn't have any determination or fight left in me were it not for Him.

As we enter this new chapter of our lives (our third year of marriage, two steady paychecks, seriously considering home repair), much will change. And I will need to hold myself even more accountable than normal.

Most people make new years resolutions on January 1 and then forget them by January 2, myself included. This year, I am making my resolutions to go along with our current place in life. Here's to our new chapter and what I plan to do/change.
  1. get back into a workout routine.
  2. cook at least five meals (for dinner) a week at home.
  3. bring my lunch to work (and eat what i bring) five days a week.
  4. invite people over more often.
  5. clean the house a little everyday.
  6. throw out the unncessary objects.
  7. drink coffee/tea from home - not starbucks or mcdonalds.
  8. put away laundry the day i wash it.
  9. stick to my grocery list.
  10. play more board games with my husband.
  11. read more.
  12. finish editting my novel and then begin rewriting it.
  13. blog at least five times a week.
  14. find more blogs to read and invest in.
  15. leave comments on the blogs i read.
  16. take more pictures.
  17. stop looking at expensive houses i can not afford and make my house truly into a home.
  18. create more.
  19. tend to my garden.
  20. limit my complaints to four a week (and hopefully not that many).
  21. smile.
  22. have grace with myself and with others. (thanks, kat.)
(title from "feel this" by bethany joy galeotti)


  1. Wow Leslie- that's quite a list you got there!! I understand them because I have a lot of similar goals. I would add one more that would help you to have success: 22: give myself grace when I fall short on a goal." For me, grace is often my biggest motivator when I fall short on things- be that putting away laundry more often, inviting people over, giving other people more grace, etc. If I'm under condemnation, I'll feel beat down. If I accept grace- there's nothing to motivate me more.

    Long time no talk, my friend!

  2. Holy smokes, I couldn't agree with you more on your list! I definitely have been trying to get back into the swing of things to stay healthy and fit!

    Yay! Thanks so much for stopping by the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday bloghop! So happy to see you there! :)

    Have a MEGnificent week!



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