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I'm once again linking up with with Jena from Recently Roached. You can visit last weeks "this n that" post to see how Jena and I are "related."
Recently Roached

I need (and want) to figure out what it is that causes me to stay the same weight. I honestly feel like I am keeping myself from losing weight. It might have something to do with my sudden obsession with Chik-Fil-A. And it's not an obsession with their chargrilled chick sandwich, chicken noodle soup, or any of their salads.

It's been nearly three weeks since I've stepped foot in a gym. The hardest part isn't even admitting that. The hardest part is getting my butt back into the gym. I need an intervention with myself as soon as possible.

I am taking a whole week off of work starting the afternoon of Tuesday the 18th. I love my job(s), but I need a break. Both for my sanity and my house's sanity. The boxes are multiplying which is causing quite a bit of stress in my life.

There are a lot of changes on the horizon for my husband and I. Moving into our new house started the changes, and they are continuing to grow. Not that that is a bad thing - just stressful (in a good way). I so badly want to know what we need to do and how to do it. But God doesn't work that way.

Mark Driscoll tweeted the following today: Some of you are waiting for the Lord to reveal the future before you move forward. That's not how it works. Walk by faith.

I needed to hear those words. And I need to put walking by faith into practice.
I got to be in a Christmas vlog earlier this week. Did you see it on the blog? I'm so grateful to have been a part of it.

I officially have over 100 followers. That's over 100 people who are expecting me and waiting for me to finish losing 100 pounds. I'm looking at that as motivation and a reminder that people believe in me even on days when I eat too much polynesian sauce at Chik-Fil-A.

It doesn't hurt to walk! I think wearing shoes with real support actually made a difference (imagine that!). I'm looking forward to getting back into running, and I am looking to this girl for continued motivation. She's kicking ass at this weight loss thing!

There are only 12 days to Christmas. 12 days.. I kind of doubt I am going to hit my goal of one-derland by then. But that's okay. Because eventually (soon!) I will live in one-derland.

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  1. You're an all star. Congrats on the 100 followers. I have no doubt you will conquer your weight goals, girl! :) And I hear ya, I have a love/hate relationship with ChickFilA, too!



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