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Today is Wednesday. It should be another Weight Loss Wednesday, but it's been 13 days since I've updated. And I feel like I owe an explanation of sorts.

We closed on our house the very last day of November and then moved the next day - the first day of December. It took us two weeks to have internet installed so my updates were sparse and short at best. I was excited for the date on which internet would be installed because then I could return to the world of blogging. I had hopes that we would be settled and fully unpacked in our house by that time as well.

We were close. There was still the garage to tackle and more boxes to unpack than I wanted to admit. But we were getting there. And we'd have the entire weekend to work together on unpacking and organizing our house.

And then I had an accident. I was at the Oklahoma City Thunder game on December 14th. It was a wonderful opportunity - one provided by the Thunder who donated several tickets to children in foster care. I had the chance to take one of my girls to the game. Everything was going well until I tackled the stairs.

It was the middle of the first quarter, and we were going to get food from one of the vendors. Three-quarters of the way down the steep, steep stairs, the patella in my left knee dislocated and I fell straight down, landing on the edge of a cement stair. My patella went back in as quickly as it moved out of place, and I forced myself off the stairs.

I'm not a stranger to dislocation of my patella. It's something that has happened for years on end, but this time, it felt different. My knee was weaker than normal, and it hurt more than normal.

I stayed for the entire game. I wanted to leave. Being at the game should have been enjoyable but instead I worried and prayed the entire time. Something felt different. Really different. And it most certainly was not a good different. I convinced myself that I tore my ACL. There's still a part of me that worries that is what happened although the doctors I've seen have said they don't think that's what I did.

No matter my fears, I had to stay. I was at the game for the kids, and I stayed at the game for the kids. After the game, I carefully made my way down the stairs and then walked the almost mile to my car. I kept the tears at bay until I dropped my kids off and then completely lost it when I called my husband to tell him I was on my way to the Emergency Room.

By the time I made it to the ER, I could barely walk or talk. Tears gripped my throat and flowed down my cheeks. I was lucky that the ER saw me within 15 minutes. The X-Ray didn't show any breaks and a preliminary test showed that I had likely just sprained (badly sprained) my knee. I was sent home with  a prescription for pain killers and instructions to rest and ice my knee.

My husband did a wonderful job of taking care of me for the weekend. I spent most of my time over the weekend walking with crutches when I wasn't spread out on the couch. By the end of the day Sunday, I was able to hobble without the crutches, and I made it to work on Monday. My dogs also did a wonderful job of resting with me, cuddling with me, and loving on me. They're still on duty now - curled up at my feet and helping me blog.

The past few weeks haven't been the best for diet or exercise. It started because I was busy and lazy with food choices. Then it turned into a need to rest my knee. Now I think it's just excuses. And I need to start over (yet again).

At church on Sunday, someone asked me if I was focusing on just upper body now for work outs. Or if I were swimming instead. I stood there and stumbled over my response. Because I let the injury be the reason for my lack of exercise and weight loss instead of finding a solution.

I don't want to let every difficulty send me off track. I want to take whatever life throws at me and turn it around instead of letting it turn me around.

I did that some with Christmas. I didn't let the things that could have easily stolen my joy do that. Instead I held tight to the reason for the season and enjoyed the holidays even though they didn't go according to plan.

Now it's time to do just that with weight loss.

I refuse to let my injury (MRI pending for January with a real diagnosis of what I did) stop me. Instead I am going to learn from it. And what have I learned from it so far? That's something I will have to wait and share.

(title from "tomorrow will be kinder" by the secret sisters)

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