you should've said "nice to meet you, i'm your other half"

Dear Husband,

Yesterday you turned 25. We're finally the same age - at least for another two months.
I know your birthday wasn't exactly what we had hoped or planned for. But what in our lives is?
It's been a rough few months, but I know we will make it. How? Because I have you. And you can make me laugh (even though I fight it). And you know how to (eventually) calm me down. You also always remind me that God is working - even though I don't always want to recognize that.
You are the best "dog" father a girl could ask or hope for. You are also talented and romantic. Thank you for always putting our family of four first.
Thank you for being everything I never knew I wanted (or needed). I love you.

Happy (belated) birthday, love. Or as you would say (via Facebook): "you smell like hot dogs."
PS: I'm sorry I didn't let you put Justin "The Dark" Knight on our wedding invitations. When we (eventually) adopt, maybe I will let you put in on the adoption announcements? And, as much as it might kill me, I'll let the baby wear a Batman onsie.
(title from "the best thing that could be happening" by relient k)

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  1. love this post.
    and love the shirt youre wearing in the last pic!



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