hello monday (week 1)

Hello, Monday. And goodbye weekend. I can't believe how quickly you arrived. To be honest, I kind of wish you would have been slower to get here. I need more than 48 hour weekends. Could we maybe try doubling the weekend time? It can be our little secret.

Hi, husband. Thank you for all your hard work. Kissing you early Saturday morning (like 4:15am early) and then heading back to bed while you headed off to work reminded me - yet again - of your servant's heart. I'm beyond blessed to have you as the leader of our family. Here's to hoping that next weekend I don't have to kiss you quickly and then bid you a good day at work.

Hello, work week. I'm always a bit anxious for you to start. And this week is no different. I know you'll be filled with to do lists, stress, chaos, and a few unexpected items. Sometimes I don't think I will survive you but I always do. Heres to hoping I kick your butt this week.

Hi, new house. I walked around you on Saturday and snapped a few more pictures of you thus far. I am really ready for you to have electrical wiring, insulation and sheet rock. I'd also love for you to have carpet. But I'm doing my best to be patient and learn all the lessons you're already teaching me. November 15th is less than a month away. Can't wait to call you all mine!

Hello, running. Because of you I think I have plantar fasciitis. It has to be the running - not the cheap but oh so adorable flats from Target, right? Right. I just want you to know I forgive you and that I will not give you up. Oh and that mile I ran in eleven and a half minutes last week was AWESOME. Can't wait to run more miles and even faster!

Hi, Taylor Swift. Your album drops today. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. I think you and I could be best friends in real life. Seriously. So call me.. maybe?

Hello, husband (again). Thanks again for loving me. And pursuing me. Can you believe everything happening in our lives? Unbelievable. I'm glad you are so calm when I am so.. not calm. You always help me to find my way back. I love you for that.

Hi, Jesus. What lessons do you have for me to learn this week? I'm open to hear what you have to say, and I am going to make my way through the week with palms up ala Bob Goff. Thank you for always sticking by me, always pursuing me, and giving me strength when I don't feel like I have any. I need you more than anything.
PS: Come mingle at Meg's blog!

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