hello monday (week 2)

Hello, Monday. I'm hoping you will be a great start to an even better week. Hopefully you feel the same way too. The weekend was filled with laughter, time with my husband, and lots of sleep. All the things I need in order to start the week off right.

Hi, husband. I loved seeing you all dressed up on Friday night. I just wish we had taken a picture. Guess it's just another reason to get dressed up again soon. Maybe in two weeks when we go out on a fancy double date?

Hello, work week. Let's make sure it's a good one, right? I know I have a lot to do. Maybe too much, but I'm going to do my best to fit everything in.  

Hi, new house. You have electricity! And brick on part of the house! It's almost like you're ready for us to move into. And I can not wait. I'm so excited to paint your front door a bright blue, decorate you for Christmas, cooke turkey chili in your kitchen, and spend lots of time sitting in front of the fire. Can we just call you ours already?

Hello, gym. I'm really glad we are back to becoming close friends. I love spending time with you, and I have every intention of making our time together a daily occurrence. Here's to hoping I will soon feel even more comfortable lifting weights. I'm ready to buff up and trim down even more!

Hi, husband. It's me again. We're just weeks away from our new house; can you believe it? Can't wait to spend lots of nights in with you! Also can't wait to buy new furniture, a new washer and dryer, and of course a new TV. It's almost like we're real adults or something.

Also, today I am linking up with Meg for Mingle Monday. Come join us!

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