weight loss wednesday (week 19)

Today’s Weight: 221.8 lbs.

Total Loss: 43.2 lbs.

I lost 1.2 pounds this week. It might be more, but I think my body is still getting rid of the iodine that was pumped into my knee Monday for my MRI.

What I craved this week: Comfort food like macaroni and cheese or pizza or pasta of any kind. That's what I really wanted for dinner on Monday night, but I didn't eat it. I got close, but my husband helped to keep me accountable.

What I noticed was different about my body:  My face seems smaller. I can see a little more definition around my waist also. I took measurements about two weeks ago, so I am excited to take more measurements and see what difference there is.

Workouts planned for this week: I haven't made it back to the gym this week. I've been a bit scared. I had plans to go Monday and Tuesday, but then I slept in Monday morning. And after my MRI, I could barely handle bending my knee it was so filled with fluid.

I have been more active this week. We were out walking around for most of the weekend, and I was able to keep up. I may never be able to really run again (or at least not for awhile), but I am walking more!

Personal Goal(s) for this week: I start over on my PointsPlus Friday. I want the next week to be one where I use the Weekly PointsPlus wisely. I don't want to just spend them all to spend them all. I've done better this week, but I am down to 0 for the remaining two days. Which is okay. I can find plenty of healthy options to eat that don't make me go over my daily PointsPlus allowance.

Favorite Quote(s) for this week: "In order to have any chance of success, I've learned that you have to accept yourself and let go of past failures or weaknesses that have been holding you back. It's important to look forward, not backward--to get really clear on your future and what you want it to be. It's not written in stone. Once you know what you want your life to look like, you can figure out how to make it happen." --Ali Vincent, Believe It Be It

Thanks again to Sam at The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times for this format. I am linking up with her, and you should too!



  1. Awe, girl! Hope that knee feels better!


  2. After reading your blog post i come to my point of view that your blog post idea is look very fresh and unique.

  3. Thanks for linking up girl! I love that you're seeing your face slim down... that's my number 1 thing I can't WAIT to happen... chubby cheeks over here and it drives me nuts! Great job on the loss! :)

  4. Awesome work and you look great! Linking up through the blog hop! New follower!

  5. Keep your head up. You will be working out in not time. It's great your still dropping weight without working out.

  6. 43.2 elllbeeesss!!! that's amazing!!! keep up the good work!


  7. I'm so late on my comment, but way to be with the weight loss!!



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