hello monday (week 4)

Hello, Monday. You are technically a holiday. A way of saying thank you to those who have served our country in the past, are serving it now, and those who will serve in the future. It's the first time in years I won't be celebrating with the day off. It's strange to go to work on the days I used to have off, but I wouldn't trade my current job for extra paid holidays.

Hi, carbohydrates. I think I need to break up with you - again (take one, two, three). I've gone, at most, 10 days without eating you, and I felt better without you in my system. I also dropped some extra pounds. But you always reel me in with your rolls, pasta, potatoes, rolls, and... did I mention pasta? Why can't you just taste like crap?

Hello, husband. Thanks for wearing a tie on Saturday night. You looked incredibly handsome. I love fancy date nights. But don't worry; I love casual date nights, too. Can't wait for next weekend. So looking forward to staying in a nice hotel with you! Thank goodness for Priceline and Name Your Own Price. (PS: Can you believe we will be living in our new house in just a few weeks? I can not wait!)

Hi, Twilight movies. I used to get extremely excited for you. I even went to two midnight premieres. But I'm not as excited now. I want to be. I mean you were my first love as far as young adult series. But these days, I think I prefer The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. It's nothing personal, and I do plan on seeing the final movie...But I am not going to the midnight premiere.

Hello, one-derland. When am I going to meet you? I'm seriously sick of weighing a number that starts with a 2. I am also sick of not being able to wear clothes. Everything is either too big or too small. I know life will never be perfect just because of a number on a scale. And I know being healthy is more important than weight. But I am just so ready to have a 1 as the first number on the scale.

Hi, weekend posts. You are really hard to write. Saturday I talked about weight loss. Sunday I talked about faith. It was honest and heartfelt and...just difficult to write. Is it because not as many people read blogs on weekends? Or is it something else? I'm not too sure. I just know I struggle to write you. Here's to hoping next weekend's posts will be a bit easier to write.


  1. If you find out a way to part with carbs, send the info my way. I am a TOTAL carb girl and I need to save myself from myself :P
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday! xoxo

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  3. I feel the same about Twilight, but definitely love the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments... and one-derland. :)



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