high five for friday (link up)

1. Saturday night, we watched the Oklahoma City Barons play the Houston Aeros from amazing seats. The night was spent with friends, and I might just have a brand new favorite sport. Can't wait to watch the Barons again on the 17th!

2. Tuesday night we voted and spent time with our Community Group and answered 35 questions of the US Citizenship test. There was lots of laughter. I am so thankful for the friendships we have developed over the past several years.
3. Thursday night, I spent time at home following a day trip to Tulsa for work. We sat on the couch together, ate homemade turkey chili, and took pictures with one of our dogs. I'm currently enjoying Grey's Anatomy - with commercials (something I haven't done in months).

4. I'm starting a new book tomorrow with a girl friend of mine. I've spent so much time praying for deep, meaningful relationships with other girls. And I feel like right now is the time when those relationships are growing. I am beyond grateful to have friends who love me, listen to me, pray for me, and challenge me.
5. They began putting insulation into our house this week! This means we're moving forward with the process of our house and that closing may actually happen this month. I am so happy to finally live in a house that will keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer - especially after living in an old house that had next to no insulation.



  1. ahaha love number 2.. wonder how i would do on that test. xo annalizbeth

  2. Good luck with your house! It will be so nice to have a properly insulated house. Think of all the savings on your energy bill!

  3. Found you through the H54F link up. I have about 100 pounds to lose and will be following your blog for inspiration!! Hubby and I are just starting to get our lot perced so we can build.

    What book are you reading? I'm always on the lookout for good books!

  4. yay for progress!! hopefully the progress continues and is finished soon! :)



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