hello monday (week 5)

Hello, Monday.  It's a pretty well known fact that I am not your biggest fan. This week, however, I am happy to see you arrive. Your presence means I am only days away from a four-day weekend. I hope you are the start to a wonderful, short week. Please be good to me.

Hi, weekend. You were oh so much fun. I am hoping for more weekends like you in the near future. As much as I would like to move into The Skirvin Hotel, I think I will prefer celebrating you inside my very own home. Looking forward to (hopefully) moving and unpacking for an entire one of you soon.

Hello, left knee. I am pretty sure you hate me, and the feeling is quite mutual. I'm really sick of straining your muscles and falling after you give out on me. What can I do to get you to behave better? I really am willing to do anything. Here's to hoping the ice and muscle relaxers of Sunday help you to feel like a whole new knee (which is honestly probably what I need) over the next week.

Hi, new house. Thanks for letting me walk through you on Saturday. It's been so exciting, along with nerve wracking and overwhelming, to watch you come together. I loved getting to see your walls up and see all of our spaces defined. I'm pretty sure we have picked out your washer and dry now. Next we will be picking out a television and furniture. Can't wait to officially call you home and slowly (too slowly) furnish you!

Hello, husband. I loved getting away with you over the weekend. I think we should definitely do it again some time soon... after we settle into our new house of course. I'm always looking forward to our next adventures.

Hi, Weight Loss Wednesday. I haven't done a great job of meeting my goals this week. It's been partially due to injuries and partially due to laziness. I know the next few weeks will be hard with Thanksgiving and moving. But I know I can do this. I will be honest with my weigh-ins. There's no use in lying.

Hello, size 14 pants. I've wondered for a while when we would meet. And now we have. I am pretty sure I will only be wearing you for the next several daysweeks. Please don't shrink too much when I wash you.

Hi, Thanksgiving. Please don't tempt me too much with mashed potatoes, loaded sweet potatoes, turkey legs, or cheesecake. I really want to be good, so be as nice as possible. Please.

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