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This weekend, I tripped and fell on Friday night thus hurting my knee. I iced it for a long time, took some motrin, and then half a muscle relaxer on Sunday. I appreciated the thoughtful text from my trainer. We didn't get to meet up, so I rested my knee as much as I could.
This weekend, I walked through our almost completed house. We have kitchen cabinets, tile floors, trim, and doors now. The house looks much bigger now with walls, and I'm excited (as well as a tad bit overwhelmed) that we'll soon be living here.
This weekend, I went shopping. I bought two new pairs of pants in a SIZE 14 (!!) and several shirts along with some comfortable Dr. Scholl's boots. Buying pants in a smaller size was a huge moment for me. I could hardly believe the 16s were too big for me.
This weekend, we stayed in a swanky hotel Saturday night. The getaway was much needed. A king size bed with no dogs to share? Always a welcome treat! We so needed the break and really loved acting like tourists in downtown OKC. I think more staycations may need to be in our future.
This weekend, we also met friends for dinner and drinks at Bricktown Brewery. There were beers and a mixed drink for the girls along with delicious hamburgers. After dinner and drinks, we watched the OKC Barons win and loved just how many fights happened on the ice. That's what hockey is all about!
This weekend, we finished our stay at the hotel with a delicious breakfast buffet. A made-to-order omelette, smoked salmon, fresh berries and pineapple, and some fresh cucumber and tomatoes (and some unpictured raspberry yogurt) was delicious.
This weekend, we also looked at furniture and appliances. We may have found a washer and dryer, a couch, and some other accent pieces. Nothing was purchased yet, but we are both excited to get everything moved into our house

The rest of our weekend will be filled with relaxing. We are both looking forward to a short work week and hopefully being fully moved into our new house in two short weeks!


  1. a relaxing weekend is perfection!

    cute blog you have:)

  2. Hey there! Stopping by from TWI. What a great looking weekend! :) And cheers to relaxing in nice hotels, with delicious breakfasts. So fun!

  3. Your house looks great, the furniture looks amazing and you're looking incredible as well. Weekends really are fun and adventurous when you get to say it.



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