a little update

I haven't been the best at completing my goals this weekend. Rather than running outside, I have spent the majority of the long weekend inside, sniffing and sneezing into a whole box (if not more) of Kleenex.

It started Tuesday morning and hasn't stopped since. I've gotten out of the house a few times to complete Black Friday shopping, but haven't done much else. There has been a lot of sleeping in, a lot of time with my husband, and a lot of watching episodes of Rules of Engagement on Netflix.

I needed the break. More than I realized. And I plan on enjoying every last second of the rest of the break - even if my nose is starting to resemble Rudolph.

Today I am starting over again with tracking every single calorie and staying under my calories. I've got plenty left for the day, and I plan to enjoy a healthy salad for dinner tonight. Needless to say the holidays were a bit more difficult than expected, but I'm getting back into the groove. No more beer or wine tonight. I've enjoyed a bit too much of both those things.

I'll be back on Sunday with more of an update. Until then, I hope you are enjoying the break and savoring every moment you can.


  1. You can do it! Starting over is okay and it sounds like your mind is in the right spot!! Keep at it girl!

  2. Keep it up! Good luck getting back on track.



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