high five for friday (link up) - thanksgiving edition

1. My husband braved Super Target with me at 9:45pm last night. It was a madhouse. We didn't get exactly what we were looking for (couldn't find the fire pit and the TVs were all gone - surprise!), but we did find a good Christmas tree. And I finally decided on my theme. It's going to be a mixture of vintage and red/green sparkly. I am beyond excited. Can I please move into my house now so I can decorate?

2. I am finally going to see Breaking Dawn 2 today. Looking forward to a bit of a girls day (plus a sparkly vampire!) with my sister-in-law.
3. I spent lots of time with friends and family Thursday. We had the privilege of going to two Thanksgivings. And we ate lots of delicious things at both. We also drank lots of delicious beer and wine. It also made me that much more excited for hosting holidays at my house. And I loved that I got to spend the entire day with my husband. I am loving this time off with him.

4. My husband and I each took a dog on a walk Thursday before all the eating. I think I logged about 2 miles. And then after finishing our second dinner, we took another walk with friends. I may not have eaten the best between the two dinners, but at least I was active.
5. Pinterest is currently one of my best friends. I've been pinning for the new house, the holidays, work out ideas, and etc. like a fiend. I'm loving all the creativity it's providing me and feel like I am finally enjoying the domestic life. I am also loving my drink menu and dinner menu for the holidays. I have FriendsMas, family Christmas, and New Years Eve to plan!

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  1. Great find on the ornaments! Excited for you to get in your new house and hang those babies on the tree!



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