high five for friday (link up)

1. My husband and I carved a pumpkin with friends Tuesday night. I absolutely love getting together with friends in the middle of the week (even when I look like a hot mess following a sweaty work-out), and after not seeing them for a few weeks, the time was well spent. Plus getting our hands nice and messy is always a good time! I definitely needed the break in the middle of the week to enjoy some of the free things in life.

2. In case you missed it, I lost TWO FREAKING POUNDS this week. I know it's not a lot by The Biggest Loser standards. But for me it was a milestone. One I plan to continue. I am almost out of the 220s, and I vow to never see them again.
3. I ran a 5K on the elliptical on Tuesday in under 45 minutes. I haven't ever done that. One of my short term goals (I have a lot of them right now) is to be able to complete a 5K on the elliptical in under 35 minutes. I foresee a lot of speed training in my future.

4. I didn't work on Thursday night. Most weeks, I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. It was such a nice and welcome break to have an extra night off during the week. I spent lots of time with my husband. We caught up on TV shows together, ate dinner together (thank goodness for Outback to-go... maybe I will cook next week?), took the dogs on a walk, and I got to go to bed early. I even got to fall asleep next to him! Having the night off also will provide me the extra rest I need to make it to an early morning spin class today!
5. I (finally!) hit all my goals set by my Body Media Fit. Completing 15 minutes of vigorous exercise was not easy, but I did it. How? Lots of running on the elliptical! Now I need to try for 20 minutes of vigorous exercise. That's what today's spin class is for!


PS: Can I just say how excited I am for the weekend? I get to see The Wizard of Oz tonight with my favorite kids. Saturday night we're going to watch the Oklahoma City Barons play the Houston Aeros with some friends, and we have amazing seats! And then Sunday, our church is having Orphan Sunday. I'm praying for changed hearts towards foster care and for God to make it clear to us how we can serve right now and in the future. My heart is going to be full after the next few days.

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