hello monday (week 3)

Hello, Monday. I'm sad to see you arrive. The weekend was wonderful, and while I know this week will likely be a good one, I would have preferred to continue the weekend. It's not that I don't like you or the challenges you often bring. I do. But I really love sleeping in, long walks with the dogs, cuddling on the couch, eating ice cream with friends, and shopping.

Hi, new blog layout! I am pretty much in love with you. I feel like my personality is captured, and that I truly have a place to call my own now. Thank you so much Kristin for all your hard work.  (PS: Comments have changed. I am back to using blogger instead of IntenseDebate. Please make sure to enter an email address so I can respond to them!) I have also updated the about me page and the contact page. More updates to other pages to come!

Hello, new running shoes. I'm so excited to have you on my feet since I covered my old shoes with mud and colored powder after my two color runs and one mud run. I'm glad I got to break you in today walking the dog and then using the resistance bands. I'm looking forward to many trips to the gym and miles of road covered.

Hi, husband. Thanks for grilling those delicious chicken sausages and turkey brautwursts for dinner Sunday night (with the help from your dad of course). They were delicious and nutritious. You have been so supportive over the past few weeks. I don't think I could do this whole journey without you cheering me on from the sidelines and calling me out on my crap. (PS: You need to join a gym so you can go work out with me instead of going to eat donuts while I'm exercising. PPS: Can we go row on the river soon?)

Hello, Brandy. I know Rascal is often called the favorite dog, but you will always be my favorite. You were our first dog after all, and you don't jump over the fence or crawl through a hole under the fence to investigate the neighbor's backyard. I love taking you on walks and also watching you sleep on top of three or four pillows at once.

Hi, spin class. I tackled you on Friday morning and Saturday morning. You kicked my butt, but you also made it abundantly clear that I am more than capable and can do everything the teacher asks of me. I stood on the bike for long stretches of time and kept up with the pace. Can't wait to see you again later this week!

(PS: Come join me at Life of Meg for Mingle Monday!)


  1. I love your blog layout too! So adorable!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  2. Stopping by from Mingle Monday. Love the new layout really cute! And I am so sad that it is Monday too! But at least it is one day closer to Thanksgiving!

  3. Hello there! Stopping by from Mingle Monday!
    I love your letters! New running shoes...mine saved my life! Shin splints are no longer around!
    I am also trying to lose weight and I find your blog so inspiring!
    I have started doing C25K. Its an app on my iPhone that has a program to get you from Couch to running a 5K. Its so exhausting but I feel so good afterwards!
    I wish you all the best!!




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