thankful thursday (link up)

1. Manicures and pedicures. There's just something about looking down at my hands and seeing pretty polish that makes me happy. Same goes for my toes - even if they are covered up by socks and running shoes. At least I know there's pretty polish on my toenails.

after mary poppins!
2. Weekly (more like daily) text messages from our new home sales consultant. On Tuesday, she told me they would start texturing the walls, and on Wednesday, she told me that the tile, doors, and paint were delivered. Tiling of the house begins Thursday and all the doors to our house are officially locked. We are in the home stretch! (I also appreciate our realtor who is doing everything she can to move things along as well. We are blessed with all the help we have.)

3. Fancy date nights. We enjoyed an amazing dinner out last weekend followed by a live production of Mary Poppins. My feet were killing me after wearing cute shoes, but it was so worth it.

4. Name Your Own Price on Priceline.com. We got an amazing deal on a swanky hotel in downtown Oklahoma City for Saturday night, and we plan on enjoying the night away! I'm so excited for a mini-getaway. It will be our last one before closing on our house. We'll go out to dinner, watch the OKC Barons, and maybe have a few drinks. And also sleep in a bed without two dogs. Sunday morning we can enjoy a delicious breakfast out and then return to real life.

5. Emails, comments, facebook messages, etc. It means so much to me to get comments on posts I've written and emails from readers. Over the past week, I have been blown away by the number of people who have contacted me. It's reminded me of why I currently blog and why I continue to want to blog. It's also helped to inspire me to keep moving forward with weight loss and writing. I needed that extra inspiration and push.

my first homemad mesh ribbon wreath
6. Christmas decorations. I bought four stockings last weekend (one for me, one for my husband and two for our dogs) and a stocking holder. I have plans to make a stop by Hobby Lobby this weekend and look for more decorations and to get more materials to make wreaths. I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be over and for us to be moved into the house so I can decorate (almost) every square foot of it!

7. My in-laws. They have been incredibly gracious and loving with allowing us to live in their house. My father-in-law scraped ice off my car earlier this week, and it melts my heart to hear them talk to our dogs. It is obvious just how much they love them.. almost as much as we do though I think our dogs are becoming more partial to them. It might have to do with all the extra treats they get! I'm also excited that my sister-in-law shares me love of country music, Taylor Swift, and Twilight.

8. The weather. It's been chilly and sometimes freezing in the mornings, but this week, the sky has been clear at the end of the day and the temperatures have been sticking around in the 60s which is wonderful for fall. It also is great weather to build a house - which is exactly what we need and want!

9. And finally... I didn't gain any weight last week. Very thankful for that and very determined to lose weight over the next week!

Thankful Thursday


  1. Thanks for linking up, Leslie. While I don't blog about it often, I'm on a journey to lose weight, too. If you ever need another Twitter or Facebook buddy, let me know!! :)


  2. I always chip off my nail polish when a little of it chips. It drives me nuts when it's not perfect! Also, congrats on maintaining! You're wonderful!



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