weight loss wednesday (week 13)

Today’s Weight: 219 lbs.

Total Loss: 46 lbs.

I lost the weight I had gained back plus another pound. Guess this means I am back on track!

What I craved this week: Lots of things. Some healthy; some not so healthy.

My healthy cravings: sushi, salad, soup.

My not so healthy cravings: Chik-Fil-A, queso and chips (which I did not eat).

What I noticed was different about my body: Nothing too different at this point in time. I'm less bloated than I have been in recent weeks which is always a good thing. I think some of my pants re getting to be a little big in the thighs.

Workouts planned for this week: I have become best friends with the elliptical again - since Monday of this week. I want to be an actual runner, but I'm not too ready to jump back onto a treadmill out of fear of hurting my knee. So I will be continuing my friendship with the elliptical. I have done two days of strength training so far this one - one day of upper body and one day of lower body. I plan to fit in some ab work and do another day of upper body strength training and another day of lower body strength training.

We are also supposed to move on Saturday if all goes well, so that will be a work out in and of itself.

Personal Goal(s) for this week: I joined a Weight Loss Challenge this week. It's 12 weeks long. Whoever loses the most gets the money. To help me along, and to keep me more accountable to myself, I've revamped my plan and have lowered the number of calories I consume every day to 1500. So far I have done well staying at that consumption and burning more calories. My goal is to keep that up.

Favorite Quote(s) for this week:
What I'm looking forward to: Closing on our new house is scheduled for later this week. If all goes as planned, we will be moved into our house on Saturday and then spend Saturday evening and Sunday unpacking. I'm so ready to be able to settle into the house and make it into our home.

In weight loss/health news, I have done a lot of soul searching this week. I wrote about why I started this journey and about my relationship with food. Those were difficult posts to write, but I feel so much lighter and so much more equipped to handle the next months of this journey. Opening up about things keeps me even more accountable, and accountability is key with weight loss.

I am also really excited about the Weight Loss Challenge. It provides me with more accountability and reminds me that I am not the only person on this journey. Finding people who understand where I am coming from weight wise is hard as most my friends don't have 100 pounds to lose, so I love knowing I can connect with others who have been there or are there.

How are you doing this week? Tell me about it in the comments. I would love to know!


  1. Yea for moving the weekend! That will def be one heck of a workout :)

  2. I gained one pound after thanksgiving. My next weigh-in is Saturday and my fingers are crossed that I will lose that pound again (and again and again.) I talked a little about that today on my blog. Esther Norine Designs

  3. Congrats on week 13 and on the new house! ;-)
    Found you through Meg's blog and am your newest follower,



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