thankful thursday (link-up)

1. The chance to work where I do. Since graduating from college, I've worked in the social services field. And I loved it - most of the time. Right now I am working for a not-for-profit full-time and as a social worker part-time. It's busy, but I really truly love what I do. I am able to see - on an almost daily basis - the impact I am making. And that means so much to me.

just waiting for stone!
2. Our almost finished house. It's taking longer than I would like (I'm not the most patient person; could you tell?), but I know we are going to love it when all is said and done. And it will be worth the wait. Decorating it, hosting the holidays at our house, spending nights in on the couch, having friends over for cook-outs, getting to sit on the back porch and be able to enjoy it and not worry about what our crazy neighbors are up to... It's going to be wonderful!

3. The right to choose. In every way possible. My political beliefs are ones I tend to remain somewhat quiet about. There's no sense, in my mind, to completely discuss them as I have the right to feel, think, and believe what I want. Just as everyone else has the same right.

4. New shoes. Between working out a lot, losing weight, and all this plantar fasciitis nonsense, I needed new shoes. My husband and I headed to Dick's Grand Opening on Sunday and I picked out a pair of neon pink shoes. They are lightweight and comfortable.

go okc barons!
5. Time with friends. It used to be that I considered myself an introvert. I needed time just to myself. It was how I got refreshed. These days I tend to get bored if I spend too much time at home and want to be out with friends. (Once we have our house, I will be content with being at home with friends.) We have a great group of people, and I am so glad we're able to go out and do fun things with them. Like go to hockey games and musicals. Or take part of the citizenship test. And eat lots of ice cream and/or frozen yogurt. Pretty much everything we could do with them, we do, and it makes my heart full and my soul refreshed.

6. My husband. We have our own problems, of course... What married couple doesn't? But he is truly my biggest supporter. We've been working on becoming better friends, and I am so glad for that. He makes me laugh a lot, and I've had a few times I've made him laugh or at least have gotten credit for being somewhat funny. I know that, no matter what happens (like my spending a bit too much money on my hair or calling him in a panic when I think my car is stolen [it wasn't; I forgot where I parked]), he will always be there.

Thankful Thursday


  1. Yay for new neon pink shoes! New follower :)

  2. Thanks for linking up, lady. Loving the house progress, and new shoes?! Yes, please!!

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Love this, Leslie! Love it all. I can't wait to see the finished house (eee!), love your right to choose your opinions, and I cannot wait to see the new shoes!



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