the mercy that covers me

When I realized that going back to work and my busy life was not going to happen right away, I reached out for help. It was hard. And I wasn't really good at it. I said I needed prayer and then launched into what was going on. One of my friends asked me what else I needed outside of prayer. I'm so glad she asked this because without that questions I would have been left on my own and without what I needed.

I said food was good. People stopping by during the day. That sort of thing.

Last night, one of our good friends brought us dinner, and she sat in our living room and talked with us about my knee surgery, our house, her job, life, and marriage. The food was delicious. But it was the conversation I truly needed and craved.

The reason I felt strong enough to go to church on Sunday, and then out for lunch, was because we had friends over on Saturday night. Friends who sat and played board games with us - one on the comfortable club chair and one on the floor since I still take up most of the couch. Friends who ate Chik-Fil-A with us and were just there.

This whole thing has made me realize how important community is. How much I value relationships. How much I need other people. And how much I love other people.

The same friend who brought us dinner Monday night told me to enjoy this time. She may have meant the break from work and the slowing down of my pace, but I took her words to mean everything. I get to enjoy more time spent with people. I get to enjoy more community. To enjoy the simpler things in life. To enjoy my house in a way most people don't get to - after all not many of us spend days upon days not leaving the house. To enjoy the stillness and the silence. To enjoy late afternoon naps. To enjoy needing people. And to enjoy the fact that people genuinely care and want to be there for you.

Would I ever wish knee surgery, or any other surgery for that matter, one someone else? No. Do I ever want to have another knee surgery? No, and I am praying that three's a charm when it comes to knee surgery and that I will never need a fourth. But I am beyond thankful that God has met me on this journey and given me this time.

I'm not one for bragging about my health benefits or my job or anything of the sort. I am blessed to work where I do and have the benefits that I do. But I also think it's more than that. Because we have been blessed financially during this process.

My co-pay for surgery was only $50. Prior to that, I only spent around $200 between the ER visit, seeing the orthopedic surgeon and such. I'm still waiting for the bill from the MRI and anthogram (which if there is a bill I know we can cover it). And my co-pay for physical therapy? It's nothing. I get a maximum of 60 visits per year and have no co-pay or deductible to meet.

Had it cost more, we would have been fine. I have a Flexible Spending Account, and we have savings. But God has given us a gift wherein we are taken care of completely. It's amazing, really, to look at all of this and see His hand on every inch of it. And I love that others see it too. That they remark on how much He is taking care of and has taken care of us and blessed us.

(title from "worlds apart" by jars of clay)

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