weight loss wednesday (week 26)

Good morning! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your Wednesday. I'm back for another week of Weight Loss Wednesday. I'm going to preface this week by saying that while I have done better with my eating I am finding that I am frustrated. Rather than letting the frustration define me, I am hoping to use the frustration as drive to get stronger.

I'm still hard at work in physical therapy. But I'm tired of how slow a process this recovery is. Maybe that impatience will help me to heal faster?

Last week, I shared about a few friends who reached out to offer me support. I'm still very much working on the rules we set out, so I thought it best to share how I am doing with all the rules.

Honesty. I'm being honest. I'm also measuring out a lot of my food. That makes a huge difference. Shocker, I know.

Balance. This week, I ate a fruit or vegetable with nearly every meal. I also made sure to eat different kinds of things. Sandwiches with yogurt for lunch. Turkey bacon with a single piece of toast and several strawberries for breakfast. It was nice to see color on my plate for every meal.

Trust. I'm so glad I'm opening up. It makes such a huge difference.

Forgiveness. I'm still eating more than I should be. Specifically carbs. Things like bread, pasta, and rice. Those have a lot of calories and a lot of PointsPlus. I need to substitute things like spaghetti squash for pasta.

Consistency. I've tracked all week. Not for every single meal but every day I've at least tracked one meal. It's a start and much more consistent that I've been in the past. I'm going to do even better this coming week.

I'm more excited today than I have been in months. I still have a very long road ahead of me as far as physical therapy and rehabilitation of my knee is concerned. Which makes all these rules even more important. Accountability to myself with what I am eating and how much I am eating is the only way I will lose weight.

Starting Weight: 265 lbs.

Goal Weight: 155 lbs.

Today’s Weight: I'm still not weighing in this week.

Total Loss: 42.2 lbs. (as of three weeks ago)

Pounds Left To Lose: 66.4 lbs. (as of last week)

What I craved this week: I've actually been craving fruits! Things like oranges and apples and strawberries. So delicious! And of course, I've still wanted ice cream. That's one thing I don't think I will ever stop craving.

What I noticed was different about my body:  It's honestly very difficult for me to look at my body. I am so unhappy with it. And I am even more unhappy with the fact that I brought myself to this place. It is my fault I gained so much weight.

It is up to me to change my body. It's up to me to make healthy choices with food. It's up to me to stock my fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables. It's up to me to keep track of what I am eating and how much I am eating. And once I am cleared to resume working out, it will be up to me to do it regularly.

Workouts planned for this week: Physical Therapy three times a week! I'm able to get around my house without crutches. When I walk, I'm being very aware of how I move. I think learning how to correctly walk will help me. I'm still a ways away from getting on a stationary bicycle, but I am getting there.

I also got the all clear from the physical therapist to begin doing some upper arm work-outs. I am still limited with what all I can do, so I am on the look-out for standing or sitting work-outs that utilize resistance bands. If you know of any, please send them my way!

Personal Goal(s) for this week: I have several. 1) I want to track everything I eat for an entire week - both on MyFitnessPal and WeightWatchers. I am interested to see how the PointsPlus coordinate with calories. 2) Start wearing my BodyMediaFit again. I am interested to see just how many (or how few) calories I am burning on a regular day at home. 3) Begin working out my arms. Just because I am limited in a lot of ways does not mean I need to limit myself everywhere else. 4) Start going out in public with one crutch. I did it today when I went to physical therapy, so we'll see if I can do it again over the weekend! 5) Drink more water. I need to set up a system for this because I tend to not drink a lot of water or any other kind of liquid.

Favorite Quote(s) for this week:

I wish every overweight person could step into the body of a fit person for one week, maybe just one day. I think it would be the catalyst for a new resolve. If you could "feel" the end, you would stay the course. -- Abby Rike, Working It Out

Healthy Train Tuesday


  1. Get it girl! I can agree with you on alot here. But everyday is a battle and everyday all we can do is try!

  2. I love that if you could "feel" the end, you would stay the course! Oh gracious to feel good about my body again. What would that be like!

  3. You are doing awesome! Keep up your hard work :)


  4. I love this post! You have such a healthy and honest approach which makes me think that you're going to succeed for the long haul! Truly inspiring!



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