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Dear Friday. I am so excited to see you today. I know I don't have a week of work to recover from but that doesn't make it any less wonderful to know the weekend is here. Our weekend plans don't include any long hikes or participating in any 5Ks. But at least it's the weekend. Here's to hoping for a relaxing night in and then possibly an outing or two over the weekend.
Dear Physical Therapy. I'm not your biggest fan if you didn't know. But today I conquered you. As in my physical therapist went so far as to call me champ and tell me that he could tell I'd been doing my homework. I managed to lift my left leg all the way up in the air without any assistance. I also managed to lift my left leg off the floor and onto the table. And then after physical therapy I made it into the front of the car for the first time post-operation. That's what I call progress.

Dear Self. You're working on yourself quite a lot right now. And it's a good thing. You're learning how to better eat for health not for heart. You're realizing just how strong you really are. And ever so slowly, you're being forced to face your fears and then let them go. This year is going to be a good one.
Dear HusbandI love you a whole lot. Even more than that, I love how you love me and show me what love is. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with you this weekend and maybe even leaving the house some. Also, you make me laugh. Thanks for the pick-up line last line. I'm glad I have my library card because I'm checking you out.
Dear FaithIt's hard to have you at times, but I know it's important to believe - even when it seems impossible to believe. You have never let me down. And nothing impossibly terrible has happened. In fact the best thing I've ever down is to rest in faith and simply believe. I'm so glad I made you my word for 2013.



  1. What positive and uplifting letters! Congrats on all of your progress!

    Stopping by from Friday's letters! :)

  2. OH wow, PT must be so difficult! you hang in there and keep up the good work . Here from Friday Letters :)



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