lovely lines (week 3)

"Rather than the words being in me, the words were out there. The inspiration was out in the world, and all I had to do was go digging for it." via Donald Miller

"But we must remember this one unchanging truth: our worth as bloggers is not found in how high our numbers go." via A Royal Daughter

"I’m trying to better allow myself to be real on those days, to shed false guilt. No, not to wallow. Not to pout. But to acknowledge that there is something lacking. This world is imperfect. It is broken and painful and troublesome." via Mercy Ink Blog

"He reminded me that He is still good. He is still loving. And He is still faithful to me." via Scribbles from Emily

"We obsess about making mistakes. We shoot for perfection. But God knows our limitations and He is able and willing to fill in our gaps." via Ordinary Women Live Brave at Mercy Ink Blog

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