weight loss wednesday (week 24)

Starting Weight: 265 lbs.

Goal Weight: 155 lbs.

Today’s Weight: I'm not weighing in this week. I honestly don't know when I will be weighing in again. While I will still stand on the scale for my own knowledge, I won't officially weigh in. Being healthy right now is more important than the number on the scale - especially right now when I'm swollen and still taking pain pills.

Total Loss: 42.2 lbs. (as of last week)

Pounds Left To Lose: 66.4 lbs. (as of last week)

What I craved this week: Macaroni and cheese. I've also found myself still enjoying Froot Loops throughout the day. Other than that, I haven't had too many cravings thankfully.

What I noticed was different about my body:  I'm stronger. Not in the normal way but in a way that matters when it comes to being back on my feet. I'm able to bend my knee up to 62 degrees while rolling it on a stability ball. I'm almost able to lift my left left with no assistance. And today, while at physical therapy, I held my leg up in the air and then somewhat slowly lowered it down.

Workouts planned for this week: I'm currently attending Physical Therapy three times a week. And then I have homework seven days a week. I've also decided that, once I'm no longer sick, I am going to start working out at home by utilizing resistance bands and doing what I can while sitting on the couch.

Personal Goal(s) for this week: I'm continuing to focus on eating for health and not to treat the state of my heart or spirit. I am also hoping to stick to my schedule for the week as much as I can. So far I've done well with everything but writing. Luckily the week isn't over, so I have plenty of time to dedicate to writing.

Favorite Quote(s) for this week:

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  1. I'm right there with you about weighing in... I'm not going to do it for a few weeks. The scale is frustrating even though I'm making mostly good choices so I think I just need a break from it. You've made a lot of progress towards your goal so far... we have similar goals so I'm excited to follow along with your journey!



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