weight loss wednesday (week 25)

Yesterday, I felt both defeated and determined. I wrote about it and then tweeted a link to the post with a single line: I just wish I had #JillianMichaels to talk to me and help me figure it out. And I meant it. How wonderful would it be to have Jillian Michaels there to talk to and push you?

I didn't get a response from Jillian, but I did get responses from two other Tweet-ers (@tweediem2 and @FatGirlvsWorld) and Bloggers (I go through life in inches and pounds and Never 320 Again). They agreed to walk along side me and help support me. The accountability will come from within. But the support? That's going to help me to be accountable.

We set up a few rules for this endeavor.  Rules that I think are essential for weight loss. Rules that I haven't necessarily followed in the past. And by not following them, I've hurt myself.

Honesty. I have to be honest with myself about what I eat and how much I eat. I also have to be honest with other people about what I am going through and how I am feeling. Lying does nothing but hurt me and keep me from my goals.

Balance. I am never going to be able to eat perfectly at all times. I have to allow for some balance. I can't overboard with documenting everything I eat or diminish the amount of calories I eat too severely. That's what can lead to eating disorders. And there are entirely many bloggers who suffer from eating disorders and/or disordered eating. I went down that road in high school and never will again.

Trust. I have to trust people enough to find support. And I have to trust myself enough to open up to others.

Forgiveness. If I make a mistake, or eat more than I should, then I need to forgive myself. By forgiving myself, I take away the power that the mistake has. And by forgiving myself, I also show myself that I care enough to move on. One day of poor eating is not going to result in me not losing weight just as one day of excellent eating does not result in losing weight.

Consistency. I need to be consistent with tracking. It all comes back to tracking. Tracking means I am holding myself accountable with what I am eating. I'm also going to in at least three times a week on twitter. I am also going to start taking pictures of my meals so that I can see what I am eating and so I can hold myself accountable. I am currently tracking on Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal.

I'm more excited today than I have been in months. I still have a very long road ahead of me as far as physical therapy and rehabilitation of my knee is concerned. Which makes all these rules even more important. Accountability to myself with what I am eating and how much I am eating is the only way I will lose weight.

Starting Weight: 265 lbs.

Goal Weight: 155 lbs.

Today’s Weight: I'm still not weighing in this week.

Total Loss: 42.2 lbs. (as of two weeks ago)

Pounds Left To Lose: 66.4 lbs. (as of last week)

What I craved this week: A hamburger and french fries. Also ice cream. I always want ice cream.

What I noticed was different about my body:  I can tell I've gained weight and lost some muscle definition.

Workouts planned for this week: Physical Therapy three times a week! I'm supposed to start on walking without crutches as well. Here's to hoping I can go on walks soon and maybe start spending some time on the stationary bicycle.

Personal Goal(s) for this week: Track for a whole week! Remain positive! Stick to my physical therapy homework.

Favorite Quote(s) for this week:

Thanks again to Sam at The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times for this format. 


  1. Take it day by day! we all have our days when the cravings get the best of us.. soon you be able to by pass that and just make a better choice to fullfill it. Keep up the awesome work girly.

  2. You are a very strong person and you will look back and see it. I see it now. Feel free to reach out me for support. We need to help each other out. I always love your support. :) Esther Norine Designs

  3. I LOVE those guidelines. Seriously. Fantastic points. You've got this, the rest of your journey, as you continue to share with us, will be filled with support and cheers.

  4. I love your guidelines, especially honesty and balance. Those were critical for me in my weight loss journey and are still critical while I'm trying to maintain. You'll need those throughout your life, especially as it applies to being healthy.

    Found your blog through the #sweatpink Twitter party tonight. Looking forward to being a new following of your blog/journey!

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